Mac Boot Camp Setup

March 12, 2020 111
If you utilize a computer running the Mac OS and you need to use Windows or Windows based programs, your computer may support the installation of Windows through the Mac Boot Camp application. To see a listed of supported Mac devices and installation instructions, please see this Apple support artic...

Incomplete Contracts & I-Makeup Reports User Guide

December 6, 2019 31
Please see the attached guide.

Update your Windows 10 Home or Professional Install to Education

November 25, 2019 1183
  If you are a faculty or staff member at the University and your department has purchased a new computer for your OU related work, you may update this machine to Windows 10 Education. This domain capable operating system is the Windows 10 edition which OU IT officially supports...

OU New York Times Subscription Update

December 19, 2019 236
  The University of Oklahoma students, faculty and staff now have free and full access to, NYTimes mobile apps, and the international editions. This access will transport students beyond the classroom and more actively connect them to the evolving world. To activa...

Windows 10 – Upgrading to Windows 10 Education Version (Home Computers)

January 31, 2020 103
Windows 10 Education is available for new Windows 10 installs and for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 upgrades. Windows 10 Education is available for home use through the website. This edition of Windows is $9.95 for current OU faculty and staff. Downloading the software through the web...

Windows 10 – Adjusting Your Privacy Settings

November 25, 2019 10
  Windows 10 includes several information gathering features which some users may wish to disable. These configuration settings can be adjusted during the initial install or upgrade of Windows 10, or post-install. See below for methods to adjust your privacy settings in Windows 10...

Windows 10 – Virtual Desktops

January 27, 2020 22
If you tend to have a lot of windows and applications open on your desktop at once, or have multiple tasks to do, Windows 10 has a new feature, Virtual Desktop, to help you organize the clutter. To create a Virtual Desktop, click on "Task View" (the circled item below).* This will arrange your it...

Windows 10 – Going Back to Earlier Versions of WIndows

November 25, 2019 7
Windows 10 has an option for people who upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1 that allows them to rollback to the earlier operating system, but this has to be done within 30 days, at which point the windows.old folder is automatically deleted. Click "Start" and "Settings" or press the Windows key + i....

Windows 10 – How Do I Access Windows Update?

November 25, 2019 10
In Windows 10, the Windows Update feature has been removed from Control Panel. It can now be found under the system Settings area. To access Windows Update, do the following: On your Desktop, move your cursor to the lower right corner Notifications icon and click it. Now click All Settings. ...

Windows 10 – Edge Browser Compatibility with Kaltura

November 25, 2019 314
Kaltura fully supports Microsoft Edge browser functionality. All major workflows and key functionalities within the Kaltura platform will function in Edge, with the exception of some minor issues that have been identified below. Currently Kaltura is working to resolve these last few issues in Edge. ...