LinkedIn Learning – Adding Users in Bulk via CSV

Jan, 1 12
Through the Admin Account Center, CSV file uploads can be used to add new users and update existing users on your account. You can also manually add users one by one. To download the CSV template and create your CSV file: From the Admin Account Center, click People. Click Add users from...

Canvas – Excusing Assignments in Canvas

Dec, 12 11
As needed, you can use the Gradebook to excuse a student from an assignment, discussion, or quiz. You can also excuse a student from a group assignment. Excused assignments are not calculated as part of a student's total grade. When an assignment is excused, the assignment page and the student gr...

LinkedIn Learning – Navigating Course Content

Dec, 12 14
LinkedIn Learning's online library includes more than 5,000 courses on a variety of business, creative, and tech subjects. Get details on course chapters, transcripts, video progress, supported languages, and more.   Articles of interest: Learning Course Progress and Completion Video Pr...

LinkedIn Learning – Learning Paths & Collections

Dec, 12 9
Use the learning paths and collections (formerly playlists) on LinkedIn Learning to find and engage with content that best suits your Learning needs. Collections are an easy way to organize courses and videos you'd like to review later. You can create as many collections as you'd like, around topics...

LinkedIn Learning – Group/User Management

Jan, 1 11
Groups are a great way to easily recommend content to a specific set of learners. Users with sub-admin permissions can create groups of learners in their Learning account and quickly recommend courses or learning paths to everyone in the group at one time. To request a group: http://itscnorman.ou...

LinkedIn Learning – Sharing Content with Learners

Dec, 12 5
As an instructor, you can recommend and share custom learning paths and collections to your learners. Learning paths curated by LinkedIn Learning are also available to recommend to, or share with, your learners. You can also edit learning paths to tailor them to the unique needs of your learners. ...


Dec, 12 13
Laserfiche Enterprise is a program that offers streamlined document and content management without the overwhelming complexity of most business management tools. Laserfiche provides a safe, secure place to keep records and forms. OU IT offers Laserfiche to all OU Departments for free. In order to re...

Data Services Consultation

Dec, 12 4
IT Data Services provides a range of services to help you utilize your data more effectively. If you have questions about how to get started, you need a report written, information on tools to do your own analysis, access to data in a centralized location, or help with data access, IT Data Services ...

ONE – Faculty Grade Instructions

Dec, 12 5
Faculty Grade Instructions Instructors - Log in to using your OU Net ID (4+4) as you would in any other OU system. Click the Faculty and Staff tab. Please note a tab becomes highlighted when it is activated. Select the Grade Entry link to open the grading page. All of you...

ONE Grading Video

Dec, 12 2
Please see the attached video to learn about grading within