Print to PDF

Mar, 3 20
Many applications in Windows and Mac OS support printing to PDF, rather than a printer. Printing to PDF will covert your existing file to a .pdf file type. This allows you to convert images, documents and many other forms of text/image file to the .pdf format. Exact steps will vary between programs,...

Soft Phone Setup

Mar, 3 87
Downloading, Installing, and Configuring Avaya OneX Soft Phone   PC users: Please follow the instructions in this document. When you are ready to log in to the soft phone, please be sure you are connected to VPN. You can find VPN instructions in this article.   Mac users: ...

Mapping Network Drives

Mar, 3 321 1
To connect to an OU network drive, you will need to first be connected to Wifi@OU, an OU ethernet connection, or if you are off campus, connected to the OU VPN. Please note that off campus connections may experience connection issues due to firewall or security settings with some internet service pr...

South Campus Wifi Casting Issues

Mar, 3 9
As of March 2nd, 2020: this issue should now be resolved. If you are still having issues, please call 325-HELP or contact us through our website. If you live in the OU residence halls and attempt to "cast" to a device through the OU wireless network, you may experience issues. Currently some buil...

Instructors – Getting Started w/ iClicker (Request a Kit)

Dec, 12 2
Some rooms on OU's campus are already iClicker ready thanks to professors who have already began implementing iClicker into their teaching methods.  If you need to set up your own class room to integrate iClicker, please fill out the iClicker Instructor Kit request form. After the form is complet...

Classroom Technology Guide

Dec, 12 4

Security Training

Dec, 12 2
The IT Security group provides training for campus. Several types of training are available to departments on campus. These include online security training for employees, in-person security training, and phishing assessments. Select one that best meets your needs or a combination of all for complet...

Residence Halls – Cox Television

Jan, 1 8
OU Residence Halls have the option for cable TV provided by Cox Communications. This cable system is not managed by OU IT. For additional information, including troubleshooting during degraded service, please see this article on the Housing and Food knowledge base. For additional information on sett...

Cox Mini Box Setup and Troubleshooting

Jan, 1 23
OU Residence Halls have the option for cable TV provided by Cox Communications and their Mini Box service. If you experience trouble with your cable TV, please try the troubleshooting below: Make sure your TV is on correct input. Coax, channel 3 HDMI 1,2,3 Make sure Cox Mini Box ...

Cox Mini Box Adapter and Remote Setup

Dec, 12 5