Instructors – Getting Started w/ iClicker (Request a Kit)

Dec, 12 47
Some rooms on OU's campus are already iClicker ready thanks to professors who have already began implementing iClicker into their teaching methods.  If you need to set up your own class room to integrate iClicker, please fill out the iClicker Instructor Kit request form. After the form is complet...

Classroom Technology Guide

Dec, 12 35

Security Training

Dec, 12 10
The IT Security group provides training for campus. Several types of training are available to departments on campus. These include online security training for employees, in-person security training, and phishing assessments. Select one that best meets your needs or a combination of all for complet...

Residence Halls – Cox Television

Jan, 1 203 1
OU Residence Halls have the option for cable TV provided by Cox Communications. This cable system is not managed by OU IT. For additional information, including troubleshooting during degraded service, please see this article on the Housing and Food knowledge base. For additional information on sett...

Cox Mini Box Setup and Troubleshooting

Jan, 1 99
OU Residence Halls have the option for cable TV provided by Cox Communications and their Mini Box service. If you experience trouble with your cable TV, please try the troubleshooting below: Make sure your TV is on correct input. Coax, channel 3 HDMI 1,2,3 Make sure Cox Mini Box ...

Cox Mini Box Adapter and Remote Setup

Dec, 12 9

University Audio/Video Technology Training

Dec, 12 6
OU Information Technology’s Learning Spaces team is available for on-site, scheduled training for technology-enabled classrooms and collaborative spaces. Our goal is to offer proactive user training so that members of the OU community can use display technology with confidence. OU IT offers facul...

University Audio/Video Design Consultation

Dec, 12 7
The Learning Spaces Engagement Spaces team provides design and consultation services to assist the University of Oklahoma community with the planning and technology design of learning spaces (classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, event facilities and systems). The Learning Spaces team supp...

Registering your student i>clicker remote in OU Canvas

Dec, 12 18
Register your student i>clicker remote in OU Canvas: Log into OU Canvas ( with your OUNet ID and password, then select your course. Once in your course, click the i>clicker registration link in the Navigation bar (this must be enabled by the instructor to be visib...

Enabling i>clicker registration in OU Canvas

Dec, 12 11
Enabling i>clicker registration in OU Canvas To receive credit for their i>clicker responses, students must register their i>clicker remotes (i.e., tie their clicker ID to their student ID). To enable i>clicker remote registration in Canvas: Log into OU Canvas (https://canvas.ou.e...