Adding Laserfiche Repositories in VDI

Last modified: March 24, 2020
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Adding Laserfiche Repositories through the Laserfiche desktop App in VDI

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Login to Horizon VDI following the instructions at the links below.


Select COOP Remote Pool.


Open the Laserfiche Application.


To attach a repository, click the “Attach” button.


In the address field of the popup window, enter the server name where your repository is hosted.

  • See list of Servers and Repositories below.
  • For example, to add a repository from the s2-lf-app4 server, type “” in the address field.
  • Ensure the “Use SSL connection” box is unchecked.


Select the repository you want to attach from the dropdown list.


Click attach.


At the Login popup window, choose “Windows authentication” and click “OK.”


You now have access to the repository.


To attach another repository, choose “File” and “Attach Repository” and follow the same you used to add the previous repository.


To close the window for a repository, choose “File” and “Close Window.”



List of repositories and their respective servers:

AdminAffairs Academics BirdLibrary Athletic Compliance
ArchitecturalEngineering Admissions-Test College-of-Dentistry Earth-Energy
Arts-Sciences International Studies COMD K20
Athletics Grad College Credentialling OU
Bursar Student Conduct HSC-Departments OU-Library
Financial-Services Student-AcademicAffairs OUHSC VPR
FleetServices  Anthropology OUPhysicians  MAIR
HR-Payroll Pediatrics
LF-Contracts Provost
OUHonorsCollege  Consolidated-Billing


For questions or issues related to Laserfiche, please use this link to request help:


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