Adding a Single Sign-On Authenticator to a Qualtrics Survey

Last modified: June 8, 2020

Adding an authenticator to a Qualtrics survey ensures that only those with an OU account are taking your survey, while also allowing you to pull certain information from the respondent’s OU information. This article will detail step-by-step how to add a Single Sign-On Authenticator to your survey.

1. Go to your survey you want to add an authenticator to on

2. Click Survey Flow to view the different elements of your survey.

3. Click Add a New Element Here anywhere in the survey flow to add the authenticator element.

4. The settings for authentication through OU’s Single Sign-On can be seen below. Qualtrics already has the settings configured to integrate with OU’s Single Sign-On service so you only need change the Authentication Type and SSO Type. If you wish to capture respondent information, check Capture respondent identifying info, then enter the info fields as displayed below.

5. To move the authenticator element to the beginning of your survey, click Move in the element and place it as the first element in your survey. Respondents will now be required to sign in through OU to take your survey.

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